Version 1.0, April 2019

1. General: Cochise Gun Club (CGC) is the main sponsoring body for shooting matches conducted at
the Sierra Vista Shooting Range (SVSR). This document covers the necessary procedures for creating
and conducting a match at this facility. All matches conducted on the SVSR will be governed by these
rules. Matches are defined, for the purposes of this document, as competitive events involving scoring,
preset rules for course of fire, and qualifying/disqualifying standards at a minimum. Matches do not
include firearms training. Non-competitive events (training, recreational shooting, etc.) fall into a
different category and are governed by different rules/procedures.


NOTE: During normal hours of the Public Range operation, the Rangemaster on the Public Range
(Range 4) must be present before any other range can be opened for matches. If the Range 4
Rangemaster is not present, or a substitute RSO not found to operate Range 4, the match cannot be


Cochise Gun Club will NOT sponsor any match which has “fast draw” and/or trick shooting as its
primary component (this does not include practical pistol, defensive pistol, or other venues which
include drawing from a holster prior to firing).


2. Application: Anyone desiring to conduct a match sponsored by the Cochise Gun Club at the SVSR
will attend a meeting of the Cochise Gun Club with the following information for presentation:

     a. Name of the match
     b. Description of the match
     c. Physical requirements (specialty targets, ranges to be used, etc).
     d. Proposed match schedule (days/times, number of matches per year).
     e. Names and phone numbers (mobile phone, if available) of Match Director, Assistant(s), and
      Associate Match Directors
     f. Any special requirements for the match, e.g. special targets, construction of additional
     facilities, etc. NOTE: Any special targets purchased for a match by the Cochise Gun Club will
     remain the property of the Cochise Gun Club, designated for use by the appropriate match.
     Upon termination of the match, such targets revert to the club. Steel targets, rebar stands, and
     bases are the property of the Sierra Vista Shooting Range.


The Cochise Gun Club officers and members in good standing will discuss the application and rule on
providing or declining sponsorship. Prior to the approval of a match, the Match Director will conduct a
practice setup and walk-through with the Cochise Gun Club officers.


3. Match Director Responsibilities:

     a. The Match Director must be a Cochise Gun Club member in good standing.
     b. The Match Director is responsible for the safe conduct of the match, all paperwork and
     monetary requirements associated with the match.
     c. The Match Director will provide a written description of the match for posting on the Cochise
     Gun Club and SVSR websites, to include, at a minimum, the name of the match, course of fire,
     calibers allowed/prohibited, required rounds of ammunition, any additional gear/clothing the
     shooters must provide, any match-specific firearm requirements, and the match fee.
     d. The Match Director must have completed the Sierra Vista Shooting Range Range Safety
     Officer training or complete the course within one year of establishing the match.
     e. The Match Director will designate one individual as Assistant Match Director, said individual
     to take over all Match Director responsibilities in the event the Match Director cannot be
     present to run the match. In the event that conduct of the match requires multiple assistants
     (e.g. multiple stages running simultaneously), additional Associate Match Directors may be
     f. Prior to the date of the match, the Match Director may designate up to two individuals
     (known as Associate Match Directors), by name, who are authorized to conduct the match in the
     event of the absence of BOTH the Match Director and the Assistant Match Director. In the
     event that no Associate Match Directors are designated, and the Match Director and his assistant
     cannot be present, the match will be cancelled for that month (or whatever period the match is
     g. The Match Director is responsible for insuring any specialty targets are safe from theft,
     vandalism, or damage from unauthorized usage and/or ammunition.


4. Assistant Match Director Responsibilities:
     a. The Assistant Match Director must be a Cochise Gun Club Member in good standing.
     b. The Assistant Match Director must have completed the Sierra Vista Shooting Range – Range
     Safety Officer training or complete the course within one year of establishing the match.
     c. The Assistant Match Director must be fully trained and capable of conducting the match in
     the absence of the Match Director.
     d. Each match is allowed only one Assistant Match Director.


5. Associate Match Director Responsibilities:

     a. The Associate Match Director must be a Cochise Gun Club Member in good standing.
     b. The Associate Match Director must have completed the Sierra Vista Shooting Range – Range
     Safety Officer training or complete the course within one year of establishing the match.
     c. The Associate Match Director must be fully trained and capable of conducting the match in
     the absence of the Match Director.
     d. Each match is allowed only two Associate Match Directors.


6. Paperwork Requirements:
     a. Each match requires a signup sheet (a generic signup sheet is on the reverse
     of the match recap sheet). Names must be full name, printed, and LEGIBLE! Signup sheets and
     range fees will be turned in to the Range 4 Rangemaster at the end of the match.
     b. At the end of each match, a recap sheet will be generated to be turned in to the CGC
     Treasurer within 30 days of completion of the match. The recap sheet will document, at a
     minimum, the name of the match, the date, the range(s) used, The Match
     Director/Assistant(s)/Associate(s) present, the number of shooters and the monetary amount of
     the range fees turned in on the day of the match. A sample recap sheet is attached at the end of
     this SOP.
     c. At the end of the match, Match Directors, Assistant and Associate(s) officiating during the
     match should sign the Volunteer Log Sheet maintained at the Range 4 RSO shack. Range fees
     for the match may be turned in at that time. An entry in the daily Range 4 signup sheet will be
     made to account for the fees turned in (Match name, number of shooters, and dollar amount).
     d. In the event of a safety incident, a Safety Incident Report will be generated (see Range 4
     RSO for the required paperwork).
     e. For equipment/maintenance issues, a separate document will be generated to describe the


7. Monetary Requirements:

     a. Match fees will be collected from ALL shooters participating in the match before the match
     begins. Match fees must be large enough to cover the range fee ($3.00/shooter) and any
     consumable necessities for the match (paper targets, target pasters/tape, paint, etc.)
     b. In the event that the match is conducted under the regulation of a governing body which
     requires additional fees, the Match Director will be responsible for the collection/
     documentation/disbursement of such fees.
     c. Match Directors, or his/her Assistant/Associate, will keep records of all monetary transactions
     for their match from the inception to the termination of their match. Such records will be made
     available, if required, in the case of a range audit or other legal necessity.
     d. Each match must cover its own expenses. Any match that fails to cover operating costs for 3
     consecutive months may be terminated.
     e. Shooters disqualified in a match for safety violations will NOT have their match fees
     refunded. If a match is cancelled/called for reasons of weather or other circumstances beyond
     the Match Directors control, or a shooter is unable to finish due to equipment malfunction or
     other valid reason, the Match Director may, at his discretion, refund part or all of the match fee
     or fees.
     f. Consumable items for the match (paper targets, paint, etc) purchased by the Match Director or
     his assistants can be reimbursed by the CGC Treasurer – receipts will be required.


8. Grounds for Termination of a Match:

     a. Safety violations during the match resulting from improper setup/conduct of the match.
     b. Destruction of range property.
     c. Failure to cover operating costs (see above).
     d. Failure to maintain appropriate match documentation/records.
     e. Failure to comply with the most current issue of the SVSR Standard Operating Procedures.
In addition, the Cochise Gun Club reserves the right to administratively terminate sponsorship of any
match at any time.


9. Additional Requirements:

Matches that require drawing/holstering a loaded firearm, movement with a loaded firearm, or the use
of multiple firearms in a stage are necessarily subject to more stringent operational and safety rules, to
include but not limited to the following:

     a. Use/strict enforcement of the “180 Degree Rule”.
     b. Operation of the match under “Cold Range” conditions.
     c. The Match Director may be required to develop/follow a match-specific SOP, detailing
     number, use, and placement of additional safety officers, referees, timekeepers, or other
     administrators. In addition, target placement, minimum distance to target, and height/orientation
     must be addressed. Other issues to be covered are dependent upon the match and circumstances
     of a specific course of fire. If the match has a sanctioning body, the match SOP should be a
     reflection of the sanctioning body rules.


Note: If the use of additional Range Officials (timers, stage controllers, etc) is necessary, they
must also be CGC members. Also, no match is allowed to use paid help (target setters, etc.).
This is due to the restrictions in the range insurance policy and the federal/state employment


10. Safety:

Safety at every match is the responsibility of the Match Director, his/her Assistant and/or Associate(s).
Their directions/instructions are to be immediately followed without question by anyone attending that
match, whether a shooter, bystander or match operator. Should a safety or conduct issue arise during
the course of any match the Match Director, his/her Assistant and/or Associate(s) have the authority to
stop, modify, or immediately cancel that match. In addition, the match can be cancelled by the Chief
Range Safety Officer if, in his opinion, a safety or conduct issue is/was incorrectly handled by the
match officials. Appeals/discussion of such a decision can be made to the officers of the Cochise Gun
Club at the next regularly scheduled meeting.


     a. The Match Director/Assistant Match Director will conduct a safety briefing at each match
     prior to beginning the match. Subjects covered will include general range safety, match-specific
     requirements, and non-shooting rules/regulations in force at the range (Lead avoidance
     measures, hearing and eye protection, etc.).
     b. Any shooter who breaks the “180 Degree Rule” or is in violation of the “Cold Range”
     requirements during the conduct of the match where those restrictions are in effect will be
     automatically disqualified for that match on that day.
     c. In case of questions/issues involving safety on the range, the Chief Range Safety Officer will
     make the final determination.
     d. Since Arizona is a Constitutional Carry state, and the SVSR is a public facility, individuals
     carrying a personal firearm, openly or concealed, are welcome at the range. For the safety of
     everyone on the range, firearms must remain holstered when not in use at an approved firing
     point except when the shooter is participating in a match conducted under “Cold Range”
     conditions, when the firearm must be either cleared/safed or stored in a safe manner in a
     location not readily accessible to the shooter.
     e. It is the SVSR policy that drones, GoPro cameras and other video recording devices are NOT
     allowed on an active range. Spectators may take pictures/videos as long as they do not encroach
     on the firing lines/shooting areas of the range. Any photos/videos of the SVSR, or
     matches/training thereon, posted to social media/youtube should be reviewed for
     content/presentation prior to posting.
     f. Any steel targets must be inspected before each match for pitted/damaged surfaces which can
     reflect bullet fragments back toward the shooter/officials/spectators. Steel targets must be
     placed/oriented so that any splatter, deflected bullets, or ricochets cannot leave the area enclosed
     by the safety berms. Also, steel targets must be placed so that bullet spatter is directed primarily
     down and away from other ranges.



All procedures outlined in the SVSR Standard Operating Procedures will also apply to any match
conducted on SVSR facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination against anyone
desiring to join a match, use of foul language, aberrant behavior, and/or unwillingness to abide by
range hearing and eye protection policies by anyone in the vicinity of the match.