Shotgun Ranges are located on Shotgun Road at the Sierra Vista Shooting Range and consists of 2 Trap Ranges, 1 Skeet Range, and 1 5-Stand Range.  Shotgun Match contacts are Chuck Ostrander 520-366-0360 and Jim Straight 520-458-0655.


5-Stand is held the first Saturday of the month from 1000-1400.   Five Stand is very similar to Sporting Clays in that a wide variety of targets are thrown.  There are five "stands" or stations to shoot from. There are between 6 and 8 machines that throw targets.  Participants shoot in turn from each of the 5 stands with various combinations of targets. A menu card at each station advises the shooter of the target sequence.  

Target flight paths are:

a. Left to right crossing and/or quartering away target (Dove).

b. Right to left crossing and/or quartering away target (Dove).

c. Vertical target (Springing Teal).

d. Rabbit target.

e. Tower target going away (Quail).

f.  Incoming target.


Amateur Trap Association (ATA) approved matches.  Schedule to be posted when received.   


Skeet and Trap are every Saturday from 1000-1400 AND every Wednesday from 1000-1300. The SVSR has 2 Trap Ranges and a Skeet Range located on Shotgun Road.


Trap is a shotgun event that simulates the flight of flushed quail.  In singles shooting, contestants fire from a series of five stations located 16 yds behind the trap. The competitor calls for the clay target and it is hurled forward into the air, away from the firing line at various angles and directions. 

National Skeet Shooting Association Registered match schedule to be posted when received.