IHMSA Smallbore and Field Pistol

IHMSA is the International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association.  This match is held monthly on the second Saturday on Range 5 at the Sierra Vista Shooting Range.  Starts at 0900.  Match Director is Steve Quast 520-458-0253.


Matches consist of 40 steel silhouette targets of chickens, javelina, turkeys, and rams.  One shot for each animal from left to right.  Targets must fall from the target stand to count as a hit.  Classifications are assigned based on scores.


Smallbore Pistol distances are Chicken - 25 meters/yards; Javelina - 50 meters/yards; Turkeys - 75 meters/yards; and Rams - 100 meters/yards.    .22 LR Rimfire semi-auto, revolver, single shot allowed.   


Field Pistol distances are the same as Smallbore.   Semi-auto, revolver, single shot allowed.

Field Pistol Cartridges Allowed -

1. Straight-wall, center fire pistol cartridges of standard manufacture with a maximum case length of1.29 inches, as specified for that cartridge.

2. The .32- 20 with a length of 1.32 inches, .270 REN, .22 Hornet, 25-20.

3. 22LR and .22WMR Rimfire fired as manufactured.


Big Bore distances are Chickens 50 M/Yd ;Javelina - 100 meters/yards; Turkeys - 7150 meters/yards; and Rams - 200 meters/yards.

Big Bore Cartridges allowed are bottleneck and straight-wall center fire cartridges.





Match is held the 2nd Saturday of each month (except April) in the Range Building at 0900.  $5.00 entry fee per shooter.  Contact Jim Straight 520-458-0655 for more information.


Four targets, total of 40 shots at 10 meters (plus sighters).  Off-hand only.  Slow fire - 1 minute per shot.  .177 caliber airguns, rifle or pistol.  Maximum velocity 700 feet per second.


The match generally follows International Airgun Rules (available from the NRA or at the match).  The match is a precision accuracy match, primarily aimed at Olympic quality guns.





Steel Pig

Match is held the 1st Sunday of each month at 0900.  $5.00 entry fee.   Contact Match Director Vic Milford (520) 509-7308.


Calibers Allowed:  .17 HMR, .22 MAG, .22 Long Rifle.


Targets are 2/3 size NRA Pistol Silhouette pigs (approximate size 4.5" high at shoulder and 8.5" long from snout to tail.  Banks of 10 targets at 200 meters.  


Each shooter fires at 10 targets in 3 relays.  Each relay will fire their first 10 and then move to the next bench for the next 10, etc.  Total of 30 targets.  For each relay, shooter have 10 minutes (time includes any number of sighting shots at the swinger).  Once shooter starts engaging pigs for score, they are unable to return to sighting swinger.  Pigs will be shot left to right or right to left (shooter must indicate order to scorer).